Any company in the world can preach and pitch what they do, but how many of these companies actually preach and pitch “WHY” they do it? In his TED Talks feature, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, Simon Sinek does a fantastic job explaining why the “WHY” is most important by using examples of how some of the biggest companies in the world have come to be extremely successful by following the “Golden Circle” from the outside in.

I would not have thought twice about embarking on a journey to create BizON if it served no purpose to me, and more importantly, the members of the BizON community.

The last thing I ever want to do is go through life, wasting valuable time, working 9-5 just for a paycheck with no passion for what I do, feeling purposeless and letting it have a negative effect on my life. I want BizON’s members to find a business that suits their needs and lifestyle, instead of feeling like they are stuck with a job that does not ignite them with passion and makes them feel like what they do serves no significant purpose. Having passion for your work, doing something you want or have longed to do will help you realize that what you are doing does serve a purpose. Once you make that happen, there will be no reason to explain “WHY” because it will be evident.

Do something you love. Live happy and healthy…

In case you haven’t guessed, this is “WHY” BizON does what it does.

From the desk of BizON,