It is understandable that as a business owner you want everything to be perfect, running smoothly all the time. HOWEVER, there is a very FINE line between stellar management and being that daunting shadow hovering over your employee’s head, most commonly known as a micro-manager.

Micromanaging is not necessarily just a characteristic embedded within all management staff and business people.   It is better described as a practice that develops due to poor time management, a huge lack of communication, and of course, slacking off. Chances are, if you feel like your boss or manager is constantly on your back – it was probably caused by something (involving you) that occurred in the past which was never resolved.

This is not to say that every case of micromanagement is caused by the mistake of an employee.  I would be lying to you if I said that there is no management out there that was just born in to the way of the control freak.  There is no doubt that we have all had the absolute pleasure of enduring the irritating actions of a micromanager, and let’s face it, it’s not cool and it doesn’t make us want to work harder.  So, I encourage all employees, management staff and business people, to take 10 and read this article.  When you’ve finished you will realize how easy it can be to not have any reason to be on top of everything at all times, and how not to aid the creation of a micromanaging monster.   Enjoy!!

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