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A Milestone in business, by definition, is an action, achievement or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

Milestones are also a part of everyday life. Achieving a milestone in our everyday life allows us to further develop as a human being mentally, physically and spiritually, and also provides us with the motivation to achieve more. One gigantic milestone that my baby sister will achieve in just 2 short weeks is marriage! I couldn’t be happier that she will be marrying her high school sweetheart and love of her life. This milestone marks an extremely significant point in the lives of many and is a stepping stone to the next BIG milestone in my sister and brother-in- law’s life….CHILDREN! (I know this may be premature, but I would absolutely love a nephew or niece!)

At the end of the day, we all must embrace the milestones and take them seriously. It is important that we continue to set specific goals in order to achieve milestones we wish to reach, to achieve overall satisfaction in life and most importantly, to create ever lasting memories that will be with us forever.

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