According to Merriam Webster, the definition of an Entrepreneur is – “A person who starts a business and is willing to lose money”From a traditional standpoint many would agree that this is true, but according to a large number of today’s business professionals, the definition of an entrepreneur has developed a much broader meaning than the cookie cutter version Merriam Webster has many believing.

According to an article and survey featured on in May, 2013, 90% of professionals believe that being an entrepreneur is having a certain mindset. This statistic shows that today’s professionals have developed a more open minded approach to entrepreneurship that is not defined by being the owner or founder of a business venture. Today’s entrepreneur is better described as a developing pioneer of something greater who intends to build a future for themselves within the business world that traditional organizations may possibly never offer.  This does not necessarily mean starting a business from scratch, but it can mean taking a new spin on something that already exists – by taking it over.

One of the many ways BizON can help entrepreneurs shape their future by way of their new definition is by presenting them with the opportunity to take on an existing business, giving them the chance to re-design it according to their vision.  There are an extraordinary number of business owners that want nothing more than to have their legacy carried on when they need out – and one of our goals is to help the exiting and entering entrepreneur find the fit they are looking for.

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