QUESTION:  In your opinion, what is the difference between a successful entrepreneur and unsuccessful entrepreneur?

NP:  There is one simple yet major difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful entrepreneur – and that is the big “D” …DELIVERY.  A successful entrepreneur gets things done using laser beam focus on the task at hand.  They understand that they will never accomplish anything by having too much on their plate. They also know the importance of how to identify and calculate risk on a great opportunity. They just GO FOR IT. They know what to deliver, how to deliver it and when. Under no circumstances does a successful entrepreneur buckle or give up on what they have set out to accomplish.  The bottom line is that a truly successful entrepreneur never gives up. They present a project or idea, follow through and execute according to their vision.  It is not whether the idea is a hit or miss that defines the success of an entrepreneur, it’s the fact that their passion and commitment allows them to follow through with their vision from start to finish – And that is a truly rare quality.

From The Desk of BizON,