Top 10 things Nunzio Presta learned on his journey to Silicon Valley and San Francisco:
10.  A regular idea in one place can be a million dollar idea somewhere else.
9. The Google campus is amazing and absolutely massive, no wonder they need bicycles.
8. The Facebook office is under construction…(is that foreshadowing?).
7. The Apple building is boring, no wonder Steve Jobs started the Spaceship Headquarter initiative.
6. San Francisco is amazing. From the delicious restaurants, to Alcatraz, to the light show on The Bay Bridge,  and indulging the cities culture on a cable train ride to Pier 39!
5. Seeing where Apple started in Steve jobs parents garage really inspired me. It showed that all great ideas and visions start small…you just got to stick to it!
4. The house prices in Palo Alto are extremely high…you won’t find anything under $1million.
3. It gets really cold, especially in the evenings. I had to stop by a store to purchase a sweater.
2. YYZ is a lot nicer than SFO. Thought it would be more techy.
1. Feedback on BizON during the trip was thumbs up! I can’t wait to show everyone the community. Launch time is around the corner 🙂
From The Desk of BizON,