QUESTION: Is an entrepreneur born or made?

I’m 50/50 on this.  I think everyone is born an entrepreneur.  All humans are creative beings by nature.

Everyone is born with entrepreneurial traits such as drive, commitment, dedication, perseverance, passion, creativity and discipline.  Think about when you were a child and you wanted your favorite toy – you did whatever it took to get it. Or when you imagined and acted out scenarios like teaching a class or running your own restaurant and made it seem so real. We all did it!

Over the course of growing up,  most of us tend to lose these traits simply because “life happens”.  However, those who grow into true entrepreneurs are up for the adventure and allow these traits to grow and develop into valuable skills for the real world.  It is these people who never lose the belief and passion for creation.

Being a true entrepreneur,  I have been asked countless amount of times what it is that I am passionate about.  The answer is simple: “CREATION“.  I live to create all things  – whether it is a venture, business strategy or a dish for my beautiful fiance and family. Being able to watch something form from an idea into something tangible is what inspires me and gets my heart pumping.

At the end of the day,  I believe we are all born entrepreneurs. However, true entrepreneurs never lose those essential entrepreneurial traits to life.  They continue to passionately believe in creation and  truly want to make a difference in the world.


From The Desk of BizON