It’s Yours…Not Ours & We Take This Community Thing Seriously!

Recently I was asked what made the team decide on rather than just The answer is quite simple…

BizON is YOUR community whether you are buying or selling a business. The community should be a reflection of the passion and pride you have for what you have created or plan to create. Sure, we could just ask you for all of the information we need to list your business – but do you really want to look and sound so generic? Only YOU  are fully capable of describing and expressing what your business is really worth and the value it can bring to another potential business owner.  Using this very personalized approach will help you attract the right kind of buyer, someone who thinks and feels the same way you do about the business. How you put your business out there – YOUR listing description, YOUR photo’s, YOUR  business details – show the true value in what you have built and achieved. And mark my words, there is definitely a qualified purchaser out there who is willing and able to continue the success.

Do you get it yet? It’s all about YOU, the business seller; the business purchaser and letting the entire community know that your business was built to last and/or you have what it takes to continue the legacy of an existing business.


From The Desk of BizON