It is needless to say that the last 18 months have definitely been a whirlwind of excitement, exhaustion, focus, accomplishments and gratitude. I’ve had the opportunity to bring together, work with and develop such an amazing team of skillful and passionate individuals that equally believe in the value that a community like BizON can bring to anyone’s life.

Much of the time, it is a work or career situation that ultimately causes the majority of stresses in one’s life at some point or another. At BizON, we believe that loving what you do will keep that stress from taking over. Having that passion for what you do will make you more productive, help you increase your chances of higher income, and keep you from driving into that career “road block”. Create your own “Happy”, allow yourself to have the work/life balance you’ve always wanted and be successful at the same time – it is far from impossible! Buying a business or selling a business you worked so hard to establish should be a rewarding experience either way, and at BizON we aim to create the right opportunity for you.

Live life, love what you do, be passionate and give BizON a shot! You’ll be surprised about the opportunities that you may come across! Join now and be part of our growing community!

– NP

P.S.: Check out a slideshow with some behind the scenes shots taken throughout the creation of BizON. (*NB re: – ideally view this link from a PC because if you are viewing it from a smartphone the music may not work, so just imagine it’s playing U2: Beautiful Day lol!):


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