Lets do a partner reblog 🙂

Wires Law is a corporate commercial law firm delivering legal services to entrepreneurs, as well as small and medium sized businesses across Canada. The firm was founded on the premise that the delivery of legal services needs to change in order to match the pace and cost expectations with which startups and SME’s operate.

In addition to helping clients sell their businesses and close private placements, Wires Law acts as general outside counsel to a number of small and medium sized businesses in Ontario and across Canada. We are proud to partner with them 🙂

At BizON we pride ourselves off educating and connecting business purchasers and sellers every day. With that said, we came across this interesting article that does a great job covering the following:

  • The Share Purchase Agreement
  • Representations & Warranties
  • Third Party Consents
  • Non-Compete Clauses
  • Tax Considerations while selling a business in Ontario

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