My father taught me many important life lessons that I cherish and will always remember. Sure enough, these life lessons seamlessly integrate with business aside from every day life.Here are a few lessons “The Tank” taught me:

1. Accounting
My father is an accountant, so it is obvious that he would promote the importance of having an accountant and CFO to ensure that finances are in line and that cash flow is positive and projected properly – in his words “Cash flow is the life line to any business.” As a startup, I can totally appreciate the fact that healthy cash flow is like oxygen!

2. Burning The Midnight Oil
To this day, I still see my father at the age of 54 (turning 55 in a few weeks) burning the midnight oil in order to check off the tasks on his to-do list. He is a goal oriented individual and taught me the importance of completing tasks and accomplishing goals.

3. Persistence
No matter how hard things got, my dad taught me two key ingredients about business and life: NEVER GIVE UP & MOVE FORWARD!

4. Jokes
My dad has always been known as the “cool” accountant (hahaha), who truly does not fit the well known stereotype. He is funny and light hearted, even when I think his jokes are lame. The point is that he taught me how to crack a few jokes and laugh even when business is all that consumes your mind.

5. Family
No matter how busy and crazy things are, my father always ensures that he is the best father he could possibly be. He taught me the importance of work/life integration and how to be successful, but also how to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

From The Desk of BizON, on behalf of Nunzio Presta, Founder and CEO of BizON