I had the privilege of visiting Tokyo for 5 days while on my honeymoon and while I was there I took the time to reflect on Japanese culture from both a business & humane perspective. Overall, I was very pleased. Japan is an exciting, elegant and respectful city. Here are the top 10 things I learned while in Tokyo (specifically the Shinjuku area):

1. McDonalds taste better & costs less.
2. Starbucks is priced exactly the same, however, their food & beverage menu differs from what is available in North America with less selection.
3. Docomo is our Rogers or Verizon.
4. Malls are more vertical than horizontal and also look like office buildings.
5. Tokyo is home to the most restaurants per capita.
6. In the next 5-10 years 48% of Japan’s population will be over 68 years old (I wonder what their business succession plan is!? *wink)
7. Currency is handled with maximum respect and is never passed hand to hand.
8. Everything in Japan is done with elegance, respect and a bow.
9. Shibuya is home to the Starbucks with the worlds highest grossing sales.
10. If you know how to say Konnichiwa (hello), Arigato (thank you), and how to bow, you’ll get around just fine!

PS: I recommend a trip to Tokyo for anyone who would like to travel outside their element or looking to be inspired by the enriched culture.

On behalf of Nunzio Presta, From The Desk of BizON
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