Earlier this week, our CEO, Nunzio Presta attended The Art of Marketing – an event that strives to bring the most prominent leaders, speakers and bestselling authors together to keep our community of business-minded professionals up to date with an exciting blend of cutting‐edge thinking and real world experience.

One of the featured speakers of this event was none other than MR. KISS himself, Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons is not only the co-founder of the iconic rock band KISS, but also a New York Times Bestselling Author, Multi-hyphenate Entrepreneur & Master of Brand Identity. According to Nunzio, “It was extremely refreshing to hear Gene Simmons speak. He brought such a raw outlook and insight on the reality of business and marketing that most professionals like to fluff around on.” As expected from one of the world’s most renowned rock stars, Gene did not fail to deliver an entertaining and witty presentation leaving his audience with 3 valuable points that he feels are recipe for true happiness and success in both business and life itself:

  1. “Being an entrepreneur/business owner is the only way to get rich and make money”- At BizON we believe that owning your own business is the key to riches in business and in your personal life as well.
  2. “Be passionate about what you do because business and life are very intertwined.” – You will often hear Nunzio state that owning a business suitable to your lifestyle will ignite you with a passion and purpose for what you do, which seems to be the most popular shared belief between successful entrepreneurs!
  3. Last, but certainly not least: “Find your rock! Chose a life partner that will support you in both business and life.” – We all need someone to give us the support, strength and inspiration to go beyond our goals in order to create and achieve something awesome!

This may just be one of the many recipes for success out there in the world, but this one definitely stood out to our fearless leader! If you take a moment to think about it, these steps seem quite simple and practical, but we all know that it takes an extremely disciplined and determined individual to achieve optimal success – no matter what your definition of such a thing may be. Do you have what it takes?

From The Desk of BizON
Health. Happiness. Family. Success.

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