Over the weekend I decided to challenge both my mind and body by participating in Toronto’s 2015 Tough Mudder military obstacle course.

For anyone who does not know what Tough Mudder is, let me explain. Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) military obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit. Tough Mudder puts camaraderie over finisher rankings and is not a timed race but a team challenge that allows participants to experience exhilarating, yet safe, world-class obstacles they won’t find anywhere else. With thousands of participants with the willingness to succeed and complete the course and just as many spectators cheering and encouraging you to keep on going, this experience truly proved itself to be a rewarding and inspiring one. Believe it or not…there are many similarities between this challenge, life & business. Here are 5 valuable lessons that my experience at Tough Mudder taught me:

1. The power of team work: You accomplish much more as a team. Your team is always there to help, motivate and inspire you. The goal is to help and encourage everyone to finish the challenge and succeed. It is a great feeling to share success and accomplishments with your teammates.

2. Never look back…just keep on going!

3. Playing outside of your comfort zone inspires you to try new & challenging things that broaden your horizons.

4. The climb is tough (in life & in this challenge) but the view from up top is beautiful and worth it.

5. When you finish and achieve your goal, the feeling is beyond rewarding. It really shows you that if you persevere, work hard and overcome one obstacle at a time, anything is possible!

I’ll definitely be participating in future Tough Mudder challenges and encourage everyone to participate and challenge yourself to new and terrifying things daily…that is how you grow – body, mind and soul 😉

On behalf of Nunzio Presta From The Desk of BizON
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