At BizON, our goal is to make selling your business or franchise quick and easy. We also want to ensure that our members are getting the most out of their business listing(s), so we compiled a list of tips and pointers to help you keep your listing alive:

1) Be Creative: There is nothing less appealing than a listing with no heart or imagination. Remember, you brought your business to where it is today and you want a buyer with just as much passion to continue your legacy. Use your own unique story and experiences to make your business stand out and attract the right buyer and be as creative as you wish! Also, use photos in order to enhance your business’ story. Combine photos of your business with photos of any special events or happenings that may have occurred over time.

2) Stay on Top of your Listing: Did you know that if you follow up with a lead within 5 minutes, you will increase your chances of a sale by 9X?* When the BizON team introduces you to a buyer, it is important that you respond as soon as possible in order to increase your chances of a successful sale. It is also important to follow up with leads that you have connected with and keep an eye on your profile in order to review your listings views and where they are coming from. This may help you revise your listing in order to increase traction and leads.

3) Keep your Listing Up to Date: Keep your listing refreshed and up to date with any new and exciting information about your business (i.e. Events, financial updates, special announcements etc.) that may come about while you are on the market. This will show potential buyers how valuable and how established your business really is, and will also attract more listing views and potential leads.

4) Take Advantage of Social Media: Don’t be afraid to share your listing via social media. Create a clever social post and use the convenient social link located on your profile to share your listing. You can share your listings publicly to increase the overall views of your listing, or you can share directly with who you believe may be a potential buyer. Remember, even though social media does a fantastic job of increasing exposure, BizON still maintains your listing’s confidentiality with our login community. This will ensure that you are only attracting interested potential buyers that will take the time to sign up in order to view your full listing.

So, there you have it folks! There are plenty of tactics and strategies you can use to maximize your Biz listing, but it is ultimately up to how far you are willing to push in order to generate views and attract the right buyers!

Happy Selling! ☺

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*via Sidekick & Inside sales