With the Holidays quickly approaching, it can be difficult to think of ways to engage with clients while you’re wrapping up and preparing for the new year to come. Here are some creative tips that can help you spread some cheer,  nurture current relationships and create potential leads in 2016:

1) The Holidays are alway a great time to share some positive success stories with your network and potential clients.

2) Follow up with your client(s) just to see how things are after their purchase or sale with you. This is a great, personal way to reach out and also take the time to wish them Happy Holidays!

3) Keep it traditional – nothing shows how much you care like a handwritten thank you note.

4) Meet up with your partners (cough cough BizON)! The BizON team would love to meet for a coffee, get feedback and help you set goals for the upcoming year.

5) Now is a great time to clean up your email list to ensure everything is CASL approved!

6) Send creative and insightful marketing pieces that people actually like. No one wants a calendar with your face on it! Put some thought into what type of content your clients will enjoy seeing and reading throughout the year.

7) Give back! Buy a product, engage in services or eat at a restaurant that you helped someone acquire.

8) Update your social media channels and stay current and relevant. The last thing you want to do is fall off the social media map. It’s important to be where the eyes and ears are, even over the Holidays.

9) Update your listing(s) on BizON. If you have listings that have either closed or sold…let us know! Letting us know the status of your listing(s) not only helps you stay organized, but it allows us to improve our marketplace so we can send you better quality buyers for your next business or franchise for sale opportunity.

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