Social media is a great way to connect with your followers, fans & clients in order to answer pressing questions, provide guidance & advice or just to say hello! Our CEO, Nunzio Presta, was asked a question via our Instagram account – and he jumped on the opportunity to provide an answer! 
Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.00.54 PMThe question came from @alejandrotdot: I really value your opinions and insights.

Q1: To what do you most attribute your success?

Q2: What would you say are the 5 key elements for starting and running a successful business?

Here is what Nunzio answered:

A1: EXECUTION! I know how to get things done and achieve my goals (long-term & short-term). I highly recommend not procrastinating and pushing something to tomorrow. If you have a dream, vision or project…START NOW!

A2: At BizON we believe whether you are starting a business from scratch or buying & growing an existing business, you’re an entrepreneur. With that said, the 5 key elements for starting and running a successful business, in my opinion, are:

  1. Find something you are passionate about.
  2. Whatever you do, add value to the world!
  3. Don’t chase the money…create something special and the money will  come.
  4. Consistently work hard every day. Remember, while you’re sleeping, someone else is working and making things happen.
  5. Stay positive, have fun & attract a passionate & accountable team 🙂

@alejandrotdot showed his appreciation with this comment:

“@nunziopresta greatly appreciated!..I’ve had something in mind for a while, I think I just need to go for it before it only becomes a dream and not reality. Thanks for the great advice.”

This shows how powerful and influential the world of social media can be. Stay connected people and lets help each other create a better tomorrow!

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