If you’ve been thinking about selling your business, now may be the time. Of course, this is a big decision, and one that you’ll want to consider thoroughly. However, if you feel like you need a few reasons to tilt yourself in that direction, think about these:

The Economy is Picking Up

Most economic analysts believe that the economy is looking good right now, but that it may not be as great in the future for small- and medium-sized businesses. Are you up for that, or would you rather pass your business to someone else?

You’re Ready to Retire

How much is enough and when to you say “enough”? A great many entrepreneurs work tirelessly at a business and enjoy a high level of success. They are able to create a valuable company and acquired some wealth for their families. If you’re at that point, you may be ready to stop running the business and begin enjoying time with your family and doing things that you like doing.

Another Opportunity

If you’re bored, tired of running a business, and not ready to retire, it may be time to look at other opportunities that have come about since you started your business. With the success you’ve achieved with your current business, perhaps you feel ready to move on to the next challenge.

It’s a Seller’s Market

The market in Sacramento and across the country has been very favorable to sellers in the past year. This might allow you the opportunity to get more for your business than you might have otherwise anticipated. That additional capital could be put into another business opportunity, go in a different direction, or added to your retirement savings.

You Just Don’t Feel the Excitement Any More

One of the most common reasons that many entrepreneurs sell their businesses is that they are just bored. They love the thrill and excitement of seeing an enterprise take off, after that, over time, the day-to-day of running the business has become a little mundane. It’s the same thing every day—no more turning on a dime and feeling the surge of adrenalin from making slit second decisions. The fun is in keeping your interest piqued. That may mean moving on to a new venture.

This Decision Takes Some Thought

The reasons discussed above for selling your business may give you pause to consider whether it’s time to sell. On the other hand, there may be other reasons that apply to your situation. If you’re think about selling, give the decision the amount of time it deserves. Andrew is available to discuss this with you and to point out options and strategies that may help you with your decision.


This article was originally created by Andrew Rogerson of Rogerson Business Services. For the original article please click here.

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