I am so proud of my team! This month we released BizON 2.0, our newest dashboard experience. The dashboard aims to provide our valued members with a positive user experience that is seamless, resourceful and extremely supportive. Whether you are a small business owner looking to sell your business; an entrepreneur looking to buy a business; a franchisor looking to find more franchisees; a franchisee looking to buy or sell a franchise or a broker looking to buy & sell businesses or franchises for clients, the BizON marketplace is equipped with everything in order for you to achieve your goals.

What drives the team at BizON is our passion to give our members the opportunity to do what they love. Whether it is a baby boomer looking to retire and exit so they can start the next chapter in their life or someone at a dreadful 9-5 looking to buy a business or franchise that inspires them and suits their lifestyle, we aim to help!

Every day we are bringing more and more buyers and sellers together and our plan and vision is to truly redefine how people buy, sell and grow businesses or franchises in the digital world.

What to Expect with BizON 2.0

  • Better search engine that allows you to make broad or targeted searches.
  • The ability to upload multiple listings at once.
  • Streamlined listing process that takes less than 5 minutes and allows you to replicate listings in order to save time.
  • BizPERKS – exclusive perks from top vendors that can help your business grow. Learn more here.
  • BizCHATTER – our business forum where you can connect and share content with people who matter. Learn more here.
  • Better analytics to help sellers track, manage and edit their listings.
  • Simple layout to help buyers track and analyze business or franchise opportunities.
  • Robust digital leverage via our social media integration.
  • Access to legal forms for Canadian, American and Australian members.
  • Quick business valuation calculator to help you position the sale of your business.
  • Benchmarking algorithm to see how your listing stacks up against other listings in the BizON marketplace.
  • Integrated Yelp reviews within listings in order to showcase customer reviews and ratings
  • Live chat, 1-on-1 business support and access to professionals that can help you answer the most pressing questions.

Message from Jeff, BizON’s CTO:

“When you want to disrupt an industry and redefine the way in which people, buy, sell and grow businesses and franchises, you need to show the world what innovation looks like. Our online marketplace has been developed in-house from the ground up to create a robust platform with explicit specifications to deliver a specialized acquaintanceship with our members. Using current technologies, BizON is available seamlessly across multiple devices and systems for a completely fluid experience. Intuitive, feature-rich content and useful tool integration makes BizON a first-rate business-for-sale marketplace. Our scalable dashboard boasts world-class functionality and extensive options that easily allow members to search, track, manage and stay informed. With access to a range of perks via our BizPERKS program, professional services, and BizCHATTER – our community forum, BizON is an engaging and resourceful community dedicated to business owners, entrepreneurs, brokers and franchisors/franchisees.”

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I hope to see you join our growing marketplace and leverage our features, tools and resources in order to buy or sell businesses & franchises! Signup for free here or click here to book a demo!


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