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It’s an honour to give our next spotlight to Louie Bonitatibus, a very successful and experienced entrepreneur that shares a story about family, persistence, hard work and success. Louie Bonitatibus is the founder of Vaughan Electrical Supply Co. Ltd., located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Read his story below:


Inspired by a his late mentor Paul Wolfe, Louie Bonitatibus was passionate to begin his own company. It had begun with Belco Electric located in Bolton, Ontario, selling light fixtures at the age of 18 years old.

Louie Bonitatibus & his wife Margaret

I enjoy interacting with people and after trying many fields from working in supermarkets, manufacturing, to making bread, I knew that dealing directly with individuals was what I wanted to do, and therefore, Belco was founded.”

Belco Electric is where Louie had met his wife Margaret of 30 years, with whom he has two sons, Michael and Mark. Louie, a family man and a great friend to many, always approached each customer as a friend and considered his company his extended family.

After several years at Belco, Louie knew it was time to take the next step forward and in 1986, continuing in the electrical industry, Louie opened the doors of Vaughan Electrical Supply in Woodbridge, Ontario to the public. While many told him that the company will not succeed, Louie persisted to follow his instinct and 30 years later, Vaughan Electrical Supply has become the benchmark in Ontario for electrical distributors.

I was 18 years old with limited funds available to me and I never looked back. It was not an easy road, the business had its many challenges however, with hard work and a belief of do good to others and good will come to you, I was able to build Vaughan Electrical Supply the exact way I had always envisioned it.”

After 30 years, Louie continues to open the VE doors at 6:00am Monday – Saturday, working side-by-side with his employees, whether it be in the warehouse or front counter, Louie provides his customers full support and service.

As an electrical distributor, Louie has also established many great and long-term relationship with many of their customers, and as such the same concept applies to their suppliers as well. It is more then just a price point as Louie explains, its the follow through with commitment, support and service that has enabled Vaughan Electrical Supply to maintain those relationships.


Always apart of a team, Vaughan Electrical Supply operates as a family business which has been the core foundation and belief that Louie had from the very beginning.

Vaughan Electrical Supply carries many well respected product lines such as: Philips Lighting, Eaton, Legrand and Contrast, and many more companies that have supported and maintained their relationship with Vaughan Electrical since day one.

Building on his success his vision is now to further integrate the next generation being his two sons Michael & Mark Bonitatibus into the company. The next generation is a tech savvy one, known as the digital age; however, a balance of new age and old school work ethics need to be respected on both ends. After all it is the old school ethics that customers know Vaughan Electrical Supply for.

blend the old generation work ethics with the new generations digital age

– Louie Bonitatibus

solarMichael & Mark have been with the company for 7 years and have carved their own path under their father’s guidance. Having won numerous awards within the 7 years of learning the business Michael has received awards from TED in Chicago, Dallas and here in Toronto on his savvy marketing skills with Vaughan TV and social media. An Intrapreneur (a manager within a company who promotes innovative product developments and marketing), Michael has been innovating the company and educating the public on exactly what a electrical distributor is and does. Today their 50,000 sq. ft facility houses a 300KW solar system that Michael mentions will help offset their carbon footprint and save thousands of trees for our future generations.

Mark, the younger son has taken interest in growing the lighting sales and adding new lightingproduct lines throughout the years and further pushing their product portfolio to add further value and save time for their loyal customers.

 “I have allowed them to create there own path so they can be proud of what they are building with the company”

– Louie Bonitatibus

Vaughan Electrical Supply has played a vital role in Woodbridge for 30 years, the company is involved in local events and has given back to many charities in the local community and abroad, to which Vaughan Electrical Supply prides itself for being a role model in the community.
“doing good with your customers giving them the best quality product with a great price and great service, help others, and with my kids giving back to the environment through our solar project, I am confident in this next generation and happy with my life and journey so far and I truly feel blessed”.

– Louie Bonitatibus

Michael.png award.pngMark

[Vaughan TV] Left: Michael Bonitatibus on set of the award winning Vaugha TV, and industry first. Awarded in Chicago, Dallas and Toronto. 

Right: Mark Bonitatibus currently working on his IES lighting certification. 


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