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As you may or may not know my wife and I welcomed our first child into this world last month. Leading up to the birth of my child, many people would say that life is going to change big time, things will be harder, business can suffer etc. I call BS on all that! Actually, the very opposite happened to me. Having a child (the most precious thing in the world and the most amazing thing I have ever created) has brought me to a new level of thinking professionally and personally – and has made me develop drastically. Here are 10 ways a business owner can benefit from having a child:

1) A Child Forces You to Regroup: Sometimes you need to drop what you are doing to tend to your child, therefore, coming back to a task with a different perspective or fresh thought or revision.

2) A Child Forces You to Perfect Your Time Management: You got something to do, do it when you can and be extremely efficient.

3) A Child Forces You to Perfect Your Agenda: You need to maintain a lean and effective calendar ensuring no time is wasted.

4) A Child Pumps You With Adrenaline: A child keeps you on your toes ready to rock the week and weekend (ensure you have a nice cup of coffee).

5) A Child Keeps You Motivated: Let your child be your motivation to succeed and do better so you can provide them with the best possible life, filled with great opportunities.

6) Early Bird Gets the Worm: A child gets you up earlier and allows you to actually have more time in the morning to do housekeeping duties (personal and business).

7) Succession: Potential set up for a family succession plan unless your child wants to buy some other existing business or franchise on BizON 😉

8) Inspires Creativity: A child gets you thinking outside the box and therefore leads you to bring fresh ideas to the table.

9) Helps You Re-evaluate Life: For example my child reinforced that I am a human first and a business person second. Therefore, I aim to conduct myself in this manner, balancing humanity with business. I personally believe that when businesses and individuals conduct themselves in this way they bring true value to the world.

10) SURPRISE: You’ll be surprised with what you can accomplish…for example me writing this blog on my iPhone while rocking my child to sleep 🙂

Embrace life, love what you do and create something special for the world to love! Believe that anything is possible as long as you work hard, stay committed and inspire your child to be a great person.

Never listen to anyone that says a child or starting a family will make your dream(s) impossible…find a way to make it happen with a smile on your face and no loss of enthusiasm or passion! #Grind

On behalf of Nunzio Presta From The Desk of BizON
Health. Happiness. Family. Success.

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