On June 15th our CEO Nunzio Presta participated in Startup Canada’s well known Twitter #StartupChat. This chat talked about mental health and entrepreneurship.

The life of entrepreneurship is one of variables, fluidity, perpetual unknowns, and excitement. Often times, entrepreneurs are subject to stressful conditions that take a toll on their emotional well-being. How can entrepreneurs remember to make their mental health a priority and what are ways they can combat the everyday stress and unknowns? Here is a recap of the chat:

Q1 Let’s begin! What steps do you take to take care of your mental health? #StartupChats @mybizon

A1, Part 1: I value my family time and understand who I am as a person and where I want to be (professionally & personally)  #StartupChats

A1, Part 2: Also, I try to eat healthy, sweat at least once a day, be a nice person, set realistic goals but also dream big! #StartupChats

Q2 Why are some reasons entrepreneurs can be subject to mental health problems over other professions? #StartupChats @mybizon

A2, Part 1: Expectations & purpose! Having a goal to create a Unicorn is necessary, however, understanding your why is vital! #StartupChats

A2, Part 2: The why shouldn’t be to get rich…it should be to add value to the world! This is where most ‘Treps go wrong! #StartupChats

Q3 What are some warning signs entrepreneurs should look out for when monitoring their mental health? #StartupChats @mybizon

A3, Part 1: I think it’s simple – if you are unhappy, have sleeping problems, feel anxious or worried, seek council! #StartupChats

A3, Part 2: Steve Jobs says it the best! #StartupChats (attached image)

Q4 How can entrepreneurs balance their work from activities that fend off depression like exercise, eating well, etc? #StartupChats @mybizon

A4: Make it part of your day, schedule it in just as if it were a meeting or dev. session!! Look at it as a priority #StartupChats

Q5 ‘Treps can attach themselves to their work & in the case of failure, lose self-worth. How can that be overcome? #StartupChats @mybizon

A5: Look @ it in a positive way, ex: a learning curve, a step closer to success or pivoting to something that was meant to be #StartupChats

Q6 How can entrepreneurs manage their expectations better to expect the best but accept the worst? #StartupChats @mybizon

A6, Part 1: This is tough…I think you need to stay as positive as possible, work hard but also have realistic expectations #StartupChats

A6, Part 2: You have to ensure you love what you do and have faith that things will just work out & #StartupChats

A6, Part 3: if they don’t then that’s the universe telling u that you’re meant to do something else! Run w/ that, don’t let it hold you back #StartupChats

A6, Part 4: Ex. when hockey didn’t work out 4 me, I had 2 choices: 1) Cry about it 2) Pick myself up & do something special #StartupChats

A6, Part 5: My failure in hockey allowed me to find my passion for creation and entrepreneurship! This is the beauty of it #StartupChats

Q7 What should people know about the life of entrepreneurship before plunging into it? #StartupChats @mybizon

A7: It’s hard work, but rewarding, especially if you are doing something you are passionate about! No fluff, it’s the truth! #StartupChats

Q8 What kinds of habits should entrepreneurs try to form to combat the possibility of arising mental health issues? #StartupChats @mybizon

A8: Prioritizing your health & family time! Eat healthy, sweat once a day  & try to visit family as much as possible #StartupChats

Q9 How can entrepreneurs reframe failure & loss in order to remain mentally healthy?#StartupChats @mybizon

A9:@garyvee says it the best “there’s going to be hard blows you’ll have to take along the way. Shake it off and get back up” #StartupChats

Q10 How do societal standards of strength & leadership create an enviro. where ’treps don’t want to speak out/up? #StartupChats @mybizon

A10, Part 1: Being an ex-professional hockey player I can relate to this, but even the strongest of the strong have doubts & .. #StartupChats

A10, Part 2: times of darkness. Remembering you’re not alone in this is extremely important! Turn to mentors, family & friends #StartupChats

A10, Part 3: also being part of a community like @Startup_Canada is great…you have access to ppl that care, like me!!! #StartupChats

A10, Part 4: Us #entrepreneurs need to stick together, collaborate, strengthen each other & change the world for the better! #StartupChats

A10, Part 5: Did u kno that mental health also affects successful ‘Ttreps, not only the failing ones? We are in this together #StartupChats

Q11 – Are there resources ‘treps can use to help battle depression, anxiety, & other mental health issues? #StartupChats @mybizon

A11, Part 1: I’m unaware of any resources…that’s why I recommended this topic! I would love to discuss this more… #StartupChats

A11, Part 2:There has to be an environment or resource created where entrepreneurs are not afraid to get help #StartupChats

Q12 What can entrepreneurs do in times of high-stress, turbulence, or failure to overcome anxiety? #StartupChats @mybizon

A12: Live to fight another day & understand that tomorrow will be better than today! Look at everything from a positive angle #StartupChats

Q13 Entrepreneurs often face isolation; How can isolation be overcome? #StartupChats @mybizon

A13,Part 1: Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, that’s why reaching out to communities like @Startup_Canada is so important! t#StartupChats

A13, Part 2: Also…visit your family! I know when building a business this can be hard, but make it a priority…it allows  #StartupChats

A13, Part 3: you to come back to what you were doing with a fresh mind and soul  #StartupChats

Q14 How can improving the conditions for SMEs in Canada take the edge off the possibility of failure for entrepreneurs? #StartupChats @mybizon

A14, Part 1: Increasing the entrepreneurial culture & risk tolerance; having easier access to capital for growth &… #StartupChats

A14, Part 2: creating entrepreneurial ecosystems that can add value to the world and turn Canada into an innovation nation! #StartupChats

Q15 Actions speak louder than words. How can entrepreneurs look out for each other & do more than talk? #StartupChats @mybizon

A15, Part 1: Reach out to one another, even if you are competitors! Collaboration (professionally or personally) is key to this #StartupChats

A15, Part 2: This is one area that Silicon Valley is positively known 4, entrepreneurs & competitors actually help each other! #StartupChats


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