It is needless to say that as a boy growing up in Canada, I played hockey. And as previously mentioned, I went on to play as a semi-professional goaltender. Being a goalie taught me a ton of things that I have carried over to my everyday life and in business. There are 3 attributes in particular that were instilled in me while learning the game that I found to be the most important and the most valuable: being squared, being centred and being challenged. As I look back on these 3 attributes, I’ve come to realize that they are just as important in business and entrepreneurship as they are in the game of hockey. Let me explain:


Being squared to the puck is all about knowing your surroundings, where you stand and being ready for the next move. It is extremely important to stay disciplined to positioning as it is the difference between not being prepared for what could happen next and being fully prepared. This applies to business as well. You need to understand where your business stands, ways it can adapt, change and pivot in order to ensure you are competitive and offering your customers the best user experience for the day you are in (not 5 years ago)! For example, saying that you are mobile friendly is not an advantage – it is the norm! Ensure that you are squared to your customers in order to offer the best solution/product.


Sounds like exactly what it means; cutting  that puck in half and not allowing any sides of the net to fall victim to the puck. This, in my opinion , applies to your well being. Being centered in business and entrepreneurship is ensuring that you have a well balanced life, something that is truly integrated with no drastic border. The key is to love what you are doing and needing no escape!


Being challenged is coming out and ensuring that the shooter can’t see the net , allowing no compromises and no opportunities to score. This applies to your competitors. You want to challenge the status quo, be relevant and get out there, leaving them no room to get ahead of you! The key to safety as a business and in a market that is constantly evolving is to outpace your competition and ensure all your holes are covered.

Is there something athletics taught you about business or entrepreneurship? Something you can thank, something that you’ve carried over? Let me know! I’d love to hear about it!

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