In August 2012, I founded BizON out of frustration. This frustration stemmed from trying to find a buyer for my small business and after multiple negative experiences using various directories and other online platforms, I came to realize that the only outlets available proved to be unfocused, unprofessional and frankly unsupportive.


After identifying this pain, I uncovered promising opportunities and interesting global trends. I also found a new purpose to help ensure that people love what they do, whether it be selling a business or franchise, starting a new chapter in life or buying a business or franchise suitable to their lifestyle, something they are passionate and inspired by day-in and day-out!



From August 2012 to February 2014, I was on a journey to build the ‘A’ team that could turn my idea into a reality, and I did just that. I attracted a team that believed in BizON’s mission and vision, and understood the hard work, sacrifice and commitment it would take to bring it all to life! With that said, we launched and made the BizON marketplace live on Valentine’s Day 2014! Since then, we have been on a journey to make buying and selling a business seamless, resourceful and supportive. It’s most humbling considering some statistics:

  • 85% of businesses survive 1 full year
  • 70% of businesses survive for 2 years
  • 51% of businesses survive for 5 years

(Source: Industry Canada)

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So, to be frank, we’ve been in survival mode – using hard work, deep commitment, constant persistence and enthusiasm in order to achieve these key milestones:

  1. Close to 5,000 active users.
  2. The promotion of over 1,000 franchise and business opportunities from across Canada and the US.
  3. Connecting close to $250,000,000 in business and franchise for sale opportunities with a 40% success rate.
  4. An abundance of media coverage.
  5. Webcast, panel discussions, events, chats and podcast appearances.
  6. Successfully securing an angel investment of $50,000.
  7. Creating a marketing footprint of close to 40,000.
  8. Successfully winning $5,000 in a business plan competition.
  9. Opening the marketplace to 20 countries in order to satisfy foreign purchasers.
  10. Successfully raising a seed investment of $270,000.
  11. Having a 4.8 star rating thanks to our customers, as well as a flood of testimonials.


How I see the next 5 years looking for BizON:

Focusing on the BizON Ecosystem

At BizON, we strive every day to ensure our user experience is as positive as possible. Our goal is to continue building a top of mind, global brand and a community that people look to for not only a buy & sell experience, but a place to seek the resources necessary in the buying, selling or growing journey. We want to achieve critical mass and be part of the full life cycle of a business or franchise – from acquisition, to growth, to exit.

Focusing on Technology

BizON was born in the digital era, therefore, everything we do is a digital-first approach. Whether it is social selling or digital advertisement, our reach is dynamic and our marketing creates demand and awareness for our sellers. And in the same breath, this creates a marketplace with fresh and promising inventory for our buyers. Nevertheless, we want to focus on technology in order to ensure connections are even more meaningful; and through our projects specifically focused on AI (artificial intelligence), we believe we can match buyers and sellers with flawless accuracy ensuring both parties are successful and happy. Overall, the plan is to always reduce friction and save time for sellers whether they are the owner, broker or consultant.


BizON Homepage 2014
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Focusing on Community Involvement

The core of our community involvement is built on “Think Globally, Act Locally“. As you can see, we are deeply obsessed with ensuring people love what they do, and we truly believe this can be achieved by spearheading the conversation around entrepreneurship through acquisition. There are tons of pros and a definite path for those not meant to start a business from scratch.  At BizON, we continue to be the spokesperson for this by educating communities about taking control of their lives and living with passion by growing an existing business or franchise that suits their lifestyle. These conversations are very diverse, whether we are educating foreign purchasers, potential franchisees, small business owners looking to buy competition to accelerate growth, someone retiring or someone looking to transition from the 9-5 to becoming a business owner. We aim to speak to each and every one of these potential users as each story is unique, interesting, promising and important. Furthermore, we are continuing to spearhead the conversation about educating people about how to build a valuable and sellable business, as an exit is inevitable.

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I am so proud of my team and extremely excited about the future of BizON. As we effectively and efficiently turn our startup into a business, we will continue to stay committed to our aggressive plan to a become a market leader and not a market player. We will continue to prioritize user experience and customer satisfaction with an innovative approach.

I am extremely appreciative of the support from family, friends, users, investors and advisors – BizON would not be what it is today and would not have achieved what we have achieved if it was not for all of you! Each and every one of you have had an impact on BizON’s growth and vision. Thank you!

To the next 5 years! Let’s continue to stay humble, hungry, driven, passionate and let’s never forget that “Entrepreneurs Can Change the World!!”


On Behalf of Nunzio Presta

From The Desk of BizON

Health. Happiness. Family. Success.

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