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Buying a Business in Europe & Bringing it to Canada!

Recently Nunzio and I had a presentation and was asked:

“If I bought a business in Europe, can I bring it to Canada?”

It peaked my interest and compelled me to share Continue reading “Buying a Business in Europe & Bringing it to Canada!”


Intangible Assets: Missing Hidden Value in Your Business?

If you’re in business today you’ll be faced with a conundrum: the financial statements of your company tell you that certain physical objects are the principal assets of your business; sadly that’s not what the market, or your gut, is telling you. Continue reading “Intangible Assets: Missing Hidden Value in Your Business?”

Baby Boomers Ready to Cash in Business

“People buy on emotion, not facts,” said Sigrid de Kaste. “So, we looked closely at the target markets and applied solid marketing strategies. The result…we’ve sold our companies for a healthy profit.” Continue reading “Baby Boomers Ready to Cash in Business”

Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

The spotlight is definitely on the traditional definition of “Entrepreneurship” – identify a problem, build a startup, fund a startup and turn it into a miraculous Unicorn, however, we want to put some pressure on this definition and introduce a second – “Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition“.  Continue reading “Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition”

How I Learned to Lead With Zero Natural Charisma

If you think you just don’t have the personality to make it as a CEO, then there’s an interview you have to read.

Continue reading “How I Learned to Lead With Zero Natural Charisma”

How to Create a Strong Selling Proposition

Looking to sell your business or franchise? Let’s dive into how you can create a strong selling proposition (aside from having your operations and financials in order) for your business or franchise for sale. Continue reading “How to Create a Strong Selling Proposition”


We’ve recently completed our Business & Franchise For Sale Index for FY18, Q3! Learn more about top listed businesses, BizON sellers, average listing prices, what’s driving connections between buyers and sellers and more. Continue reading “BUSINESS & FRANCHISE FOR SALE INDEX: FY18 Q3 REPORT”

How Humans Can Compete with AI

Recently, I came across an interesting video of Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Alibaba , Jack Ma. In the video, Ma, with a net worth of $40.9 billion USD, mentions that you will never be able to directly compete with AI (artificial intelligence). In a world where AI and Robots in the workplace is becoming more and more of a reality, people fear job loss and an I, Robot type world. But I wouldn’t be afraid. Continue reading “How Humans Can Compete with AI”

How To Manage And Sell A Company In An Industry And A Country You Don’t Know

The BizON team came across this article and thought that it was a MUST to share and read! See below: Continue reading “How To Manage And Sell A Company In An Industry And A Country You Don’t Know”

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