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7 Typical Mistakes When Trying to Sell Your Company

In the next 5 years more than a half of million baby boomers are set to retire and sell their business. Many of these baby boomers have no succession plans in place or are faced with family succession that does not fit the vision or goals of the successor. Continue reading “7 Typical Mistakes When Trying to Sell Your Company”


The 4 Types Of People Who Never Succeed In Business

There are unlimited types of characters in our professional lives.

There’s the guy who hates his job and complains to everyone about it, but never does anything to change it. The lady who always wants to start a new business with you but her ideas really aren’t that good. Or the young man who flaunts his entrepreneurial flag because he launched a company, but he’s really just an employee at his own business. Continue reading “The 4 Types Of People Who Never Succeed In Business”

I Asked This Question on a Forum & the Response Was Great!

I often participate in open forums like BizCHATTER, Reddit and Quora. Recently, I asked this question and the response was very insightful:

Question: Would you start a business or buy a business?

Continue reading “I Asked This Question on a Forum & the Response Was Great!”

Behind Every Strong Man is an Even Stronger Woman!

“Behind every strong man is an even stronger women”- this is truly an understatement! My journey to building the #1 business for sale and franchise for sale marketplace has been filled with ups, downs, a whole lot of emotions (good and bad), rewards and memories- all of which have been held together by my backbone, my wife. Her support and love motivates me to push forward. Her understanding of late nights, commitment and 24/7 sacrifice inspires me, and her unconditional love and dedication to caring for my son soothes me. Her sacrifices make way for mine as she knows that everything I do, I do for our family. Her passion is to see me engage in my passion and her dedication to ensuring I wake up with a purpose provides me with everything I need to continue.

Continue reading “Behind Every Strong Man is an Even Stronger Woman!”

2016 Most Influential Brands in Canada

Recently, our CEO attended #FFWD2017 by ICA.  BizON has been a proud sponsor of this event for the last 3 years, aligning ourselves with the likes of Google, Amazon, BBM, Facebook, Globe & Mail, Yahoo, Twitter, Bell, Rogers, Pizza Nova, Starbucks, Steam Whistle, Porter, UBER, Kijiji and of course,  IPSOS. Our team believes that marketing, advertising and branding are the true competitive advantages for 2017, which is why we are huge fans of this event. The importance of sharing insightful content that resonates with your consumer positions you as a top of mind brand that differentiates you from competitors, drives valuable business and creates long term relationships.. This is key, especially with all of the noise surrounding our consumers.

Continue reading “2016 Most Influential Brands in Canada”

What to Look for When Buying a Business to Flip

Today we often stumble across many programs on television that have to do with “flipping”. Now, when we think of flipping we automatically associate it with flipping a house, but you should know that a house is not the only thing that can be flipped! Continue reading “What to Look for When Buying a Business to Flip”

7 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Worth What You Think It’s Worth

Think you know how much you could get for your business if you sold it? Think again. In my experience, business owners often get slapped with business valuations that are much lower than they think they deserve. Continue reading “7 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Worth What You Think It’s Worth”

We Have a Dirty, Scary Term. It’s Called…Succession Planning!

In a world where entrepreneurship is growing exponentially and more and more startups, small businesses and franchises are erecting, the discussion of succession planning is becoming more important than ever. Continue reading “We Have a Dirty, Scary Term. It’s Called…Succession Planning!”

Preparing for a Business Transition

Transitioning your business to a new owner is not always as easy as just handing over the keys. There are many things to consider, organize and prepare before making the transition – both emotionally & financially. Over the last 4 years of connecting buyers and sellers, I’ve noticed 2 things that are extremely  Continue reading “Preparing for a Business Transition”

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