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How We Built a Million Dollar Business?

Recently, BizON Incorporated successfully secured $270,000 in seed round investment from strategic partner in order to engage with a premium agency, Impact North. “The investment does not only provide us with the resources we need, but it is providing us with marketing power, advice and guidance in order to continue the momentum of BizON’s growth“, says Nunzio Presta, CEO of BizON.   Continue reading “How We Built a Million Dollar Business?”


Celebrating 5 Years!!

In August 2012, I founded BizON out of frustration. This frustration stemmed from trying to find a buyer for my small business and after multiple negative experiences using various directories and other online platforms, I came to realize that the only outlets available proved to be unfocused, unprofessional and frankly unsupportive. Continue reading “Celebrating 5 Years!!”

150 Reasons to Thank Canada

Canada is 150 years old! Wow! 

When my grandparents decided to emigrate from Italy to Canada, they did so with direct purpose. They aimed to establish a better life and future. Continue reading “150 Reasons to Thank Canada”

The First 90 Days…

So, you identified and purchased an established, profitable, self-sufficient business or franchise that suits your lifestyle – GREAT! But what’s next? This is a crucial question. Most buyers expect a seller to help during the transition of ownership anywhere from 3 – 6 months (depending on how big the business or franchise is) however, as the new owner what can you do in the first 90 days? Here are my thoughts:

Continue reading “The First 90 Days…”

A Change of Ownership Means More Than a New Owner

Why do some business transitions succeed while other perform poorly or fail? To answer this question, BDC studied nearly 200 small and medium-sized companies where a change of ownership occurred. Continue reading “A Change of Ownership Means More Than a New Owner”

Questions to Ask when Buying (or Selling) a Business

When considering starting a business, many people think about the process it takes – formulating the idea, then growing it from its grassroots to a reputable and profitable business. Schmooz started with an idea like this! However, it is important to remember that there are lots of opportunities to become an entrepreneur; you can Continue reading “Questions to Ask when Buying (or Selling) a Business”

The King of Franchisors, Brian Scudamore: What Makes a Good Franchisee?

Most people know Brian Scudamore for his creative marketing ads that have become hugely successful in attracting clients, franchisees and fans. However, little know about the sacrifice and hard work Brian Scudamore has put forth to turn $700 and a pick-up truck into a $250 million empire. Continue reading “The King of Franchisors, Brian Scudamore: What Makes a Good Franchisee?”

7 Typical Mistakes When Trying to Sell Your Company

In the next 5 years more than a half of million baby boomers are set to retire and sell their business. Many of these baby boomers have no succession plans in place or are faced with family succession that does not fit the vision or goals of the successor. Continue reading “7 Typical Mistakes When Trying to Sell Your Company”

The 4 Types Of People Who Never Succeed In Business

There are unlimited types of characters in our professional lives.

There’s the guy who hates his job and complains to everyone about it, but never does anything to change it. The lady who always wants to start a new business with you but her ideas really aren’t that good. Or the young man who flaunts his entrepreneurial flag because he launched a company, but he’s really just an employee at his own business. Continue reading “The 4 Types Of People Who Never Succeed In Business”

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