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How to Buy a Business or Franchise on BizON: A Step-By-Step Guide

Buying a business or franchise online is easier than you think!

When chosen carefully and maintained correctly, purchasing a business or franchise online can provide you with a much needed lifestyle change. It can be something that provides purpose, passion and fulfillment. Continue reading “How to Buy a Business or Franchise on BizON: A Step-By-Step Guide”


9 Holiday Tips for Business Brokers & Realtors!

With the Holidays quickly approaching, it can be difficult to think of ways to engage with clients while you’re wrapping up and preparing for the new year to come. Here are some creative tips that can help you spread some cheer,  nurture current relationships and create potential leads in  Continue reading “9 Holiday Tips for Business Brokers & Realtors!”

4 Ways to Keep Your Biz Listing’s Heart Beating

At BizON, our goal is to make selling your business or franchise quick and easy. We also want to ensure that our members are getting the most out of their business listing(s), so we compiled a list of tips and pointers to help you keep your listing alive: Continue reading “4 Ways to Keep Your Biz Listing’s Heart Beating”

Why Members Prefer BizON

5 Reasons Business Brokers, Franchisors & Small Business Owners Prefer BizON: Continue reading “Why Members Prefer BizON”

How Quickly can I Sell My Business?

How quickly can I sell my business? This is one of the questions that comes up in every meeting with every seller and it’s almost without exception in the first meeting. Once a business owner decides it’s time to sell their business they generally want to start the process and get the business sold as soon as possible. Unfortunately there are many variables that affect how quickly a business will sell. Here’s what’s happened in real transactions when looking at the question of “How quickly will my business sell?” Continue reading “How Quickly can I Sell My Business?”

Reasons a Business Does Not Sell

Selling a business or selling a practice is not a science. There definitely is an amount of art to it but unfortunately it does also come with at least an ounce of luck. Part of the reason it comes with an ounce of luck is because there are so many players involved. It seems simple enough having just a buyer and a seller. Continue reading “Reasons a Business Does Not Sell”

Creating a Self-Sufficient Business

At BizON, we believe that creating a self-sufficient business is a key way to get more out of your business while selling (aka higher asking price). This means trying to create a business that is not dependent on one individual, but rather a process, culture or way that can continue creating cashflow whether a particular person or founder is present or not. Continue reading “Creating a Self-Sufficient Business”

Smooth Buying

Our last blog touched upon the idea of smooth selling, so it is only fitting to continue the conversation by creating an entry for smooth buying. Check out the blog below that focuses on the idea Continue reading “Smooth Buying”

Well, That Was Fun!

Over the weekend, the BizON team had the opportunity to exhibit in the Business, Investment and Franchise Expo at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.  Continue reading “Well, That Was Fun!”

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