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How to Buy a Business or Franchise on BizON: A Step-By-Step Guide

Buying a business or franchise online is easier than you think!

When chosen carefully and maintained correctly, purchasing a business or franchise online can provide you with a much needed lifestyle change. It can be something that provides purpose, passion and fulfillment. Continue reading “How to Buy a Business or Franchise on BizON: A Step-By-Step Guide”


How We Built a Million Dollar Business?

Recently, BizON Incorporated successfully secured $270,000 in seed round investment from strategic partner in order to engage with a premium agency, Impact North. “The investment does not only provide us with the resources we need, but it is providing us with marketing power, advice and guidance in order to continue the momentum of BizON’s growth“, says Nunzio Presta, CEO of BizON.   Continue reading “How We Built a Million Dollar Business?”

Celebrating 5 Years!!

In August 2012, I founded BizON out of frustration. This frustration stemmed from trying to find a buyer for my small business and after multiple negative experiences using various directories and other online platforms, I came to realize that the only outlets available proved to be unfocused, unprofessional and frankly unsupportive. Continue reading “Celebrating 5 Years!!”

The First 90 Days…

So, you identified and purchased an established, profitable, self-sufficient business or franchise that suits your lifestyle – GREAT! But what’s next? This is a crucial question. Most buyers expect a seller to help during the transition of ownership anywhere from 3 – 6 months (depending on how big the business or franchise is) however, as the new owner what can you do in the first 90 days? Here are my thoughts:

Continue reading “The First 90 Days…”

I Asked This Question on a Forum & the Response Was Great!

I often participate in open forums like BizCHATTER, Reddit and Quora. Recently, I asked this question and the response was very insightful:

Question: Would you start a business or buy a business?

Continue reading “I Asked This Question on a Forum & the Response Was Great!”

What to Look for When Buying a Business to Flip

Today we often stumble across many programs on television that have to do with “flipping”. Now, when we think of flipping we automatically associate it with flipping a house, but you should know that a house is not the only thing that can be flipped! Continue reading “What to Look for When Buying a Business to Flip”

7 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Worth What You Think It’s Worth

Think you know how much you could get for your business if you sold it? Think again. In my experience, business owners often get slapped with business valuations that are much lower than they think they deserve. Continue reading “7 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Worth What You Think It’s Worth”

BizSPOTLIGHT – Nobleton Optometry

We are very excited to share our next BizSPOTLIGHT with you all! As we always mention, at BizON we come across many terrific entrepreneurs daily and want to give them the recognition they deserve by putting the spotlight on them! Continue reading “BizSPOTLIGHT – Nobleton Optometry”

Hockey Goalie’s Confessions: 3 Attributes I Have Brought to Business & Entrepreneurship

It is needless to say that as a boy growing up in Canada, I played hockey. And as previously mentioned, I went on to play as a semi-professional goaltender. Being a goalie taught me a ton of things that I have carried over to my everyday life and in business. Continue reading “Hockey Goalie’s Confessions: 3 Attributes I Have Brought to Business & Entrepreneurship”

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