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Baby Boomers Ready to Cash in Business

“People buy on emotion, not facts,” said Sigrid de Kaste. “So, we looked closely at the target markets and applied solid marketing strategies. The result…we’ve sold our companies for a healthy profit.” Continue reading “Baby Boomers Ready to Cash in Business”


How to Create a Strong Selling Proposition

Looking to sell your business or franchise? Let’s dive into how you can create a strong selling proposition (aside from having your operations and financials in order) for your business or franchise for sale. Continue reading “How to Create a Strong Selling Proposition”

How to Acquire a Small Business (and Keep Employees Happy)

There are many books that discuss the inner workings of big M&A deals but there are few that delve into the purchase of a small business — a move that requires a different strategy. Small companies are difficult to buy, but they can have tremendous benefits to the acquirer over the long term — an argument that has been proven over and over again in Silicon Valley. Continue reading “How to Acquire a Small Business (and Keep Employees Happy)”


The core of what we do at BizON is attract and connect engaged business/franchise buyers & sellers. However, we have recently introduced an important initiative that aims to help small business owners, franchise owners and entrepreneurs grow their ventures. To date, we’ve done this via our “Grow” tab within the BizON marketplace. Continue reading “#BizCHATS”

The First 90 Days…

So, you identified and purchased an established, profitable, self-sufficient business or franchise that suits your lifestyle – GREAT! But what’s next? This is a crucial question. Most buyers expect a seller to help during the transition of ownership anywhere from 3 – 6 months (depending on how big the business or franchise is) however, as the new owner what can you do in the first 90 days? Here are my thoughts:

Continue reading “The First 90 Days…”

I Asked This Question on a Forum & the Response Was Great!

I often participate in open forums like BizCHATTER, Reddit and Quora. Recently, I asked this question and the response was very insightful:

Question: Would you start a business or buy a business?

Continue reading “I Asked This Question on a Forum & the Response Was Great!”

What to Look for When Buying a Business to Flip

Today we often stumble across many programs on television that have to do with “flipping”. Now, when we think of flipping we automatically associate it with flipping a house, but you should know that a house is not the only thing that can be flipped! Continue reading “What to Look for When Buying a Business to Flip”

7 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Worth What You Think It’s Worth

Think you know how much you could get for your business if you sold it? Think again. In my experience, business owners often get slapped with business valuations that are much lower than they think they deserve. Continue reading “7 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Worth What You Think It’s Worth”

Preparing for a Business Transition

Transitioning your business to a new owner is not always as easy as just handing over the keys. There are many things to consider, organize and prepare before making the transition – both emotionally & financially. Over the last 4 years of connecting buyers and sellers, I’ve noticed 2 things that are extremely  Continue reading “Preparing for a Business Transition”

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