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Good Health Is Good For Business

For busy entrepreneurs, taking time out of your day to hit the gym, take a yoga class or meal prep healthy foods can seem like just another task on your to-do list. As a business owner, your life is packed with responsibilities: managing a website, marketing, communicating with customers … not to mention doing the work you’re in the business of! Continue reading “Good Health Is Good For Business”


How to Improve Your Attitude in a Matter of Minutes

Most people think that your attitude is something that is ingrained in you forever and cannot be changed, but more and more experts have come out stating that your attitude is a mirror of your mood and environment. You can train your mind to ensure your mood is positive and optimistic, just as you are able to train your muscles to be leaner and bigger – this can happen in minutes and some claim even seconds. I have had the privilege of mentoring a powerful, vibrant and passionate entrepreneur who moved to Canada from Italy just a few years ago. Her name is Eleonora Andretta and she is the founder of Business Evolution Training. Currently, Eleonora is working on her book titled Positive Elimination and as part of her research, she chatted with a Neurologist who stated: “You can train your mind and your neurological system. And if you train your neurological system your mind will follow. Therefore, by training your neurological system, you can make certain reactions (emotions) automatic, just like when you learn how to drive and you no longer ‘think’ about your movements.” I feel this finding is truly amazing as it showcases just how powerful your mind really is and reminds us that we have the ability to either be positive or negative – simple as that.

So, when Mel Robbins talks about her 5-second rule to take action, or when Gary Vaynerchuck aggressively and powerfully (and sometimes vulgarly) states: “Make Positivity Louder” – they’re damn right!

So, the question is….HOW ?

Read my full article on Thrive Global by clicking here.



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Business Transition – the big picture…

Our CEO attended the Business Transition Forum last month in Toronto, Canada and find it to be extremely insightful. It is the 3rd year that BizON has been a supporting sponsor of this forum. Continue reading “Business Transition – the big picture…”


Pizza franchises are among the most purchased when it comes to buying into a franchise in the restaurant space. In comparison to other restaurants, a pizza parlour is small, has a limited menu, quick service and are in most cases open late. All of this combined is the perfect recipe for one profitable franchise opportunity.


How to Acquire a Small Business (and Keep Employees Happy)

There are many books that discuss the inner workings of big M&A deals but there are few that delve into the purchase of a small business — a move that requires a different strategy. Small companies are difficult to buy, but they can have tremendous benefits to the acquirer over the long term — an argument that has been proven over and over again in Silicon Valley. Continue reading “How to Acquire a Small Business (and Keep Employees Happy)”

4 Reasons To Quit Your Job To Buy an Existing Business

It is needless to say that a typical 9 to 5 job is not for everyone. And not everyone has the time, perfect idea or funds to build their own business from the ground up. Luckily, there is still a way to become a business owner without having to do most of the grunt work – and that is through buying an existing, already established business or franchise. Continue reading “4 Reasons To Quit Your Job To Buy an Existing Business”

Leave the 9-5 behind: How to Buy a Business

As a business broker, I have a wealth of experience interacting with potential buyers who are interested in businesses that I have listed through my brokerage. Potential buyers range from the beginner to the expert. No matter where you sit on the spectrum … you have an equal chance of closing the transaction and leaving the 9-5 behind for your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Continue reading “Leave the 9-5 behind: How to Buy a Business”

What is Effective Change Management in Business?

In my experience as a Business Coach, I have been able to see that no other word is as scary as the word change. In your personal life, not being ready for change means you won’t be able to lose weight, for instance, or solve your marital problems. In business, the fear of change means wasting money, missing opportunities, and even losing your company. Continue reading “What is Effective Change Management in Business?”

How Buyers Benefit & Sellers Thrive.

BizON was built to help buyers & sellers connect and for small business owners, entrepreneurs and franchise owners to grow by leveraging our tools, tips and resources.  As a forward thinking leader in the business & franchise for sale world, it is our responsibility to push the limits of technology in order to ensure our users have a successful and positive experience. Continue reading “How Buyers Benefit & Sellers Thrive.”

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